Tips for Storing your Potjie and Cast Iron Cookware

Tips for Storing your Potjie and Cast Iron Cookware

Tips for Storing your Potjie and Cast Iron Cookware

Follow our tips below to keep your cast iron cookware in tip-top shape for years to come:

  • Seasoning is key: Before storing your cast iron cookware in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place, make sure your cookware is completely dry. To prevent rust, you can season it. It involves lightly coating the inside and outside of the cookware with vegetable oil and heat it until it *polymerises into the cookware’s surface.

*Fun Fact: Polymerisation – The science of cast iron seasoning where it creates a layer of seasoning that’s bonded to the iron.

If you’ve never seasoned your cast iron cookware before, learn from the best here.

  • Newspaper Liner: To protect your potjie from moisture and potential rust during storage, you can place scrunched newspaper or paper towel inside before putting on the lid upside down (top side face down) or placed on top without fully sealing it. By doing this, it will allow there to be sufficient air circulation to prevent rust.
  • Storage Space: Best places to store your cast iron cookware
  • Upper cabinets: This is the best place to keep your potjie out of the way (you might bump a toe!). The upper cabinet helps to keep your potjie away from the dishwasher and oven to avoid moisture and heat.
  • Lower cabinets: If you have enough space, a lower cabinet can work well too. Just make sure it’s in a dry area and not prone to flooding.
  • Regular Inspection during Long-Term Storage: Periodically check your potjie, especially if stored for long periods to ensure it remains in good condition. If any rust spots appear, learn how to restore here.

By following these tips, you can ensure your cast iron cookware continues to be a cherished part of your kitchen for years to come!