5 Must-Have Chef Supreme Cookware & Accessories for outdoor cooking!

5 Must-Have Chef Supreme Cookware & Accessories for outdoor cooking! | Best Duty Blog

With loadshedding peaking, many South African households turn to outdoor cooking, braai and gas cooking to prepare their meals. Cast iron is the preferred cookware for the outdoor cooking enthusiast, but why you may wonder?

Cast iron is known for being durable during intense heat as it can withstand laying in hot coals, and can last for years if taken care of, properly.
Being able to cook with cast iron outdoors is a true skill as it requires a little more experience and attention than other pots and pans.
Master the art of cooking with cast iron and produce tasty meals every time!  

We’ve got 5 Chef Supreme Cookware & Accessories listed below that are an essential for cooking outdoors 


1. Chef Supreme Casserole No.8 (2.3L)

Are you in desperate need of a quality, cast-iron casserole that will save you time and that will cook your food to perfection? Chef Supreme Casseroles will give you exactly that!
Their robust cast iron build gives you the freedom of placing it directly on the open fire and in the coals of your braai – our Chef Supreme range can take the heat.
Available in various colours and sizes, you will want to get your hands on them for your outdoor braai.

Chef Supreme Casserole No.8 (2.3L) | Best Duty Cast Iron
Chef Supreme Frying Pan | Best Duty Cast Iron

2. Chef Supreme Frying Pan

The possibilities are endless with our Chef Supreme frying pan! It has a smooth cooking surface which is perfect for steaks, chops, pancakes, flapjacks, eggs, omelettes and frittatas.
You can now enjoy quality food made in quality cookware.

3. Chef Supreme Oval Roaster with Knob

Our Chef Supreme Oval Roaster is perfect for your outdoor kitchen! The tight sealing lid allows you to cook anything from mains to side dishes; a whole chicken to lamb shanks, the slow roasting possibilities are endless.
The complete Roaster is heavy duty, very robust and can be used over warm coals, on your stove top or in the oven.

Chef Supreme Oval Roaster with Ribbed Lid | Best Duty Cast Iron


Collapsible Potjie Tripod | Best Duty Cast Iron

1. Collapsible Potjie Tripod

People like to pack as little cookware and equipment as they can when they cook outside or when camping. We’ve got a tripod that can hold most sizes of cookware and is collapsible for easy storage, which means more packing space on your trailer!

1. Potjie Wind Shield

Cooking outdoors means the possibility of strong wind interrupting and slowing down your cooking process, and nobody wants that, especially when you have hungry tummies to feed. We’ve got the perfect solution that blocks out strong wind and saves you 80% on cooking fuel! Best Duty Potjie Wind Shield has a unique ventilated design for perfect heat retention and can be stored inside your Best Duty Potjie!

Potjie Wind Shield | Best Duty Cast Iron

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