Which is Best – Ceramic or Cast Iron Cookware?

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How does cast iron cookware compare to ceramic? More importantly, which is the best option when you are investing in quality cookware? When shopping for casseroles, pots, pans and other cookware, the most common types include ceramic and cast iron. At a glance, they can seem very similar. With enamel-coated cast iron, this cookware can look a lot like ceramic. That does not mean that these materials are the same, however. There are a few key differences that will help you decide whether to invest in ceramic or cast iron cookware.

Ceramic vs Cast Iron Cookware

The three main differences between ceramic and cast iron cookware are versatility, heat retention and durability. 


Cast iron pots, pans and casseroles are extremely versatile. They can be used on the open fire, on glass top hobs and on gas stoves. You can take them with you when you head out for a camping trip. You can cook just about anything in one of these pots. Ceramic is not always an ideal choice for frying or recipes that require a higher temperature.

Heat retention

One of the biggest advantages of cast iron is its ability to retain heat. The advantage of this is two-fold. On one hand, it makes for a better cooking experience, as you can let food simmer when it’s off the coals and you won’t lose any flavour. On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about your cookware cracking when you’re slow cooking food. With cast iron pots and pans, you can maintain the ideal temperature throughout the cooking process.


Then there is the durability factor. Ceramic can be prone to chips over time. As they are not great at retaining heat, they are at risk of cracking at certain temperatures. There’s a reason that cast iron pots are passed down from generation to generation. You will often find them at antique stores, in as good of a condition as they were decades before. These pots are virtually indestructible. They are not prone to wear and tear, very difficult to break, and tough enough for outdoor cooking. Look after your oil-cured pots properly, clean and season them after use, hand wash them, do not put them in the dishwasher, and they will last you for many, many years.

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