Delectable Dessert Recipes for Best Duty Cookware

Pancakes recipe | Best Duty

You can cook up just about anything in your Best Duty cookware, including delicious desserts. Cast iron cookware is ideal for baking, frying and cooking. Enamel-coated casseroles and pans are an especially good choice for desserts. From pancakes to brownies and pies, we’ve rounded up some decadent desserts that you can make using your Best Duty cookware.

Dessert Ideas for Best Duty Cookware

Here are just a few of the desserts that can be made using Best Duty cookware.


There are many reasons to love pancakes. First, there is the fact that they are extremely easy to make, with just a few base ingredients and a Chef Supreme frying pan. Then, there is the diversity of toppings and additions you can include to make a huge variety of pancakes. From classic pancakes with syrup to berry pancakes served with ice cream, chocolate pancakes, poached pear or peach pancakes or spicy pancakes, the choice of flavours is almost endless.


Brownies can also be made in your Chef Supreme Cookware or Best Duty Super Range bake pots. Whether cooked in the oven or even over the coals, they are easy to make. Start with your batter, adding in chopped chocolate and a touch of coffee to add to the flavour. Once you’ve got a thick, chocolatey batter, pour into your pans and bake until set. Let it cool in the pot or move to a wire rack and allow the brownie to cool a bit. When the brownies are still warm, cut into blocks and serve with ice cream.


There are many different ways you can make sweet pies using Chef Supreme Casseroles, pans and pots. You can make a traditional apple, peach or berry pie with a classic pie crust, a fruity filling and a crust on top. You can also try upside-down cakes, which are pies cooked with the toppings placed on the bottom and the pie or cake batter placed on the top. When it’s finished cooking, it is flipped over. Crumbles are a quick and tasty way to create pies, taking less time to cook. 

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