Restaurant-Quality Steaks at Home: How to Use a Cast Iron Steak Plate

Craving 5 star restaurant quality streaks in the comfort of your home? Or, have you wondered how people add that extra touch of sizzle to their steaks, chops and other meats?

The answer is:Our Chef Supreme Steak Plate & Wooden Base!

Not only is it heavy duty and safe to use over the hot coals, but the sturdy wooden base allows for easy usage and mobility (that’s why many restaurants today will serve steaks in a sizzling cast iron steak plate!)- Your answer to restaurant quality steaks at home.

We know, at this point, you want to get your hands on of these steak plates! But are you unsure on how to use this cast iron steak plate?

Don’t worry, Best Duty to the rescue with this helpful guide on how to use and perfect your sizzling steaks using our Chef Supreme Steak Plate & Wooden Base.

Step-by-step Instruction

  1. Preheat the oven to 220°C. Alternative options could be to use your Gas Burner or over hot coals.
  2. Place the Cast Iron Steak Plate (excluding the wooden base) in the oven for +-45 minutes. While the cast iron steak plate is heating in the oven, you can now prepare your steak.
  3. Sprinkle salt and pepper, or any desired spice, on your steak.
  4. Use your Best Duty Ribbed Griller to sear/grill your steak on each side for +- a minute.
  5. Note: Once cast iron heats up, it stays warm for a very long time which helps keep food hot. Therefore, grill your meat one layer before your preference as the cast iron steak plate will continue cooking the steak. For example, if you prefer a medium cooked steak, grill your steak until medium-rare, as the cast iron steak plate will cook the steak to medium.

  6. Use your High Heat BBQ Glove to remove your Cast Iron Steak Plate from the oven and place carefully on your Wooden Base.
  7. Transfer the grilled steak to your steak plate and cook further according to personal preference.

You now have perfectly cooked steak in the comfort of your home! Serve with a delicious homemade mushroom sauce and baked potatoes. Enjoy!

Purchase your Best Duty Steak Plate + Wooden Base HERE

See our How to Care page for more information on cleaning and storing your Steak Plate.